Throughout 12 years many Russian companies and private owners entrust us their aircrafts. Aircraft management is one of our business activities. Cooperation with maintenance and support services all over the world as well as our own engineering and technical base in Moscow enable us to provide service and maintenance at the highest level. Depending on clients’ needs we can provide both flight services and commercial operation of the aircraft. Our company will in time insure the aircraft and the crew, ensure uninterrupted work with the airports, including fueling and permitting. We guarantee scheduled inspections of technical condition of an aircraft and its maintenance. In other words, we do everything related to the operation of an aircraft.


in Switzerland

t(+41 43) 819 45 67
f(+41 43) 819 45 54
Ifangstrasse 10, 8302,Kloten, Switzerland.


in Russia

t(+7 495) 232-27-07
f(+7 495) 232-27-09
Sherrizone, Moscow reg. 141580, bld2, 209-1.