Flight Safety

   We pay a particular attention to crew and technical training in accordance with international standards.

  Constant two-way cooperation with the training centers in Europe and USA and as well as welltested technology of working in joint crews of Russian and foreign pilots, a system of information support of technical and flight documentation give us an opportunity to carry out flight at the highest level of safety.
  Technical base in Moscow has a sufficient level of experience and all necessary equipment for preparation and periodic sevice of several kinds of aircrafts. Our Operation Department can solve issues concerning flight support and aircraft clearance in CIS countries effectively and in a fast way.

Safety is our first priority. For us is not so important whether the flight is made from one city to another, or from one continent to another one. The most important thing for us is the highest level of comfort and safety in every aspect.

in Switzerland

t(+41 43) 819 45 67
f(+41 43) 819 45 54
Ifangstrasse 10, 8302,Kloten, Switzerland.


in Russia

t(+7 495) 232-27-07
f(+7 495) 232-27-09
Sherrizone, Moscow reg. 141580, bld2, 209-1.