Benefits of our management

Aircraft owners value our services for efficiency, cost containment, financial benefits, tax advantage, high safety standards, reliability, maintenance conformity, regulations compliance to JAA & FAA requirements, reliability and much more........

With political, economic, and tax benefits, we provide you the registration in a category 1 country rated by the USFAA.

  • Annual savings on fuel, due to fleet discounts and participation in contract fuel programs
  • Savings on hangar rent at Business Jet Center
  • Savings on crew training at CAE Simuflite, FliteSafety
  • Detailed monthly summaries, reporting on all aircraft usage and expenses, along with coordinating receipts and supporting documentation
  • Payment submission for any and all aircraft related bills including fuel, ramp fees, hangar rent/fees, MSP, Falcon Care, Embraer Corporate Care, Rolls-Royce Corporate Care contracts, maintenance costs, client special requests, flight phone
  • Payment submission for all crew related costs including trip expenses, benefits, salaries, training
  • Collection, submission, and reporting of all excise taxes
  • Liaison with flight crews to ensure all expenses are approved prior to payment
  • Preparation of Aircraft Utilization Report for sales tax reporting
  • Collection of charter revenues (if applicable)

in Switzerland

t(+41 43) 819 45 67
f(+41 43) 819 45 54
Ifangstrasse 10, 8302,Kloten, Switzerland.


in Russia

t(+7 495) 232-27-07
f(+7 495) 232-27-09
Sherrizone, Moscow reg. 141580, bld2, 209-1.