Business aviation clients - people who needs security, personal approach, calm and confidence on board, in other words - maximum comfort. Experience of our company guarantees quality service. The best restaurants in the world at your service. Every order is individual. Also in the directory partitions business aviation catering  are represented breakfast menu, vegetarian and children's menu. Chefs will develope the most popular courses of European, Russian and Asian cuisines, prepared from top-quality products, thus preserves their natural flavor during your flight.

В Швейцарии

т(+41 43) 819 45 67
ф(+41 43) 819 45 54
Ifangstrasse 10, 8302,Kloten, Switzerland.


В России

т(+7 495) 232-27-07
ф(+7 495) 232-27-09
СЭЗ «Шерризон», Мос. обл. 141580, стр2, 209-1.